Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Living Dead Dolls - A Clockwork Orange Alex

I was caught off guard by this doll, both when it was announced & when it arrived! Didn't expect it to arrive for another two weeks & I honestly never thought this toy would exist! I pre-ordered at the beginning of June from popcultcha. It arrived about a month ago(I totally procrastinated on this blog), much sooner then I expected.

I'm so pleased by the packaging! I expected a generic Living Dead Doll coffin box, but apparently they've gone a bit more specific with their film-based dolls! Nice open window, amazing shade of orange & the classic hat/eye logo!

The doll is 10 inches tall(like all Living Dead Dolls), the box is about 13 inches tall. This is definitely one of the more domineering pieces within my ACO collection. So big I can't fit it in any of my cabinets, so for now, it has a home on top of my main ACO display.

I've seen a few people complain about the 'child-like' appearance of this doll. Insane complaint of course, as almost ALL Living Dead Dolls have a 'child-like' base. I think it's quite adorable really. They got all the details right, the hat, the eyelashes, the walking stick(which I beleive DOES have a knife concealed within it!). I personally love the overall aesthetics of this doll!

Technically this is my 2nd 'A Clockwork Orange' related Living Dead Doll. My oldest ACO collectable is my Sybil 'Fashion Victim' Living Dead Doll, which I acquired when I was about 16. It came with an additional ACO inspired outfit! I blogged about it years ago: Living Dead Devotchka. It's were my interest in Living Dead Dolls began & this new Alex doll is the doll I had dreamed they'd one day make!

I was almost tempted to unbox this doll, just to get a decent photo... but I settled & you'll all just have to deal with my less-then-great photography! I've never unboxed a Living Dead Doll & in the end I decided to stick to those convictions!

I love this doll & I'm eager to see what other movie-inspired dolls Mezco Toys produce in the future! I'm already very tempted by the Pennywise doll they released recently! I'm optimistic they might consider a Jack Torrence doll one day too!
This Living Dead Doll isn't limited & it's still available everywhere! I highly recommend you all add one to your life!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Metal Lunch Box - Aquarius

A quick follow-up from my last blog post(Puzzle/Playing Cards/Tin Signs - Aquarius). I acquired myself the metal lunch tin by Aquarius! I wanted one badly, so I pop on ebay & found myself a reasonable price($24.44 AUD & free shipping!).

Perhaps not the greatest A Clockwork Orange item ever, but I love it! It's only the 2nd lunch tin my life(the other being a Hellraiser tin) & it's one I had hoped would be made one day!
As you can see, I wasn't able to fit this in my main A Clockwork Orange cabinet... I really need to update my furniture!

Now I just need to hunt down the mugs, sticker & magnets Aquarius have produced & I'll be satisfied(I've yet to find a reasonable price for the mugs)! Well, until the next company that acquires the rights to ACO & starts producing more stuff!

The entire selection of A Clockwork Orange items on the Aquarius website if you want to check it out!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Puzzle/Playing Cards/Tin Signs - Aquarius

It was my birthday on the weekend(18th of June for anyone who cares to know :P). Throughout the last week or two I received a bunch of birthday discount codes, including one for ThinkGeek. I didn't have a great deal of money available to me at the time, but thought I'd have a browse on their site anyway. During my hunt through their 'On Sale' section, I stumbled across most of the A Clockwork Orange selection recently produced by Aquarius! I had just enough money to buy everything they had! A deck of playing cards, two tin signs & a 500 piece puzzle(well, admittedly I decided against a poster ThinkGeek also had in stock)!

I've seen these items around a lot lately. They were on my priority list. I'm glad to have acquired almost the entire selection. Aquarius have also produced a lunch tin & a few magnets as well. I hope to hunt down those items soon!

My birthday gift to myself for the year & a pretty darn good one if you ask me! I couldn't be happier about this sudden boost to my collection! It's so rare to find official A Clockwork Orange products, but these seem to be the exception!

I'd just like to emphasise how great thinkgeek are! I ordered my items on a Friday(the 9th) and they arrived the next Friday(the 16th). Ridiculously fast for a purchase from America to Australia(I ordered another item on the same day from Australia which didn't arrive until yesterday). I'm always so impressed by their speed & it meant my items arrived before my birthday!

It's amazing to have the chance to buy something official! ThinkGeek still have all the items in stock as I type, but you can also find these items on amazon, ebay & a bunch of other sites! I highly recommend taking the opportunity to add official items to your life! You can also take a look at the whole selection of A Clockwork Orange items on the Aquarius website!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cockwork Orange Bukkake - TRU:TEK x Electric Monarchy

This was one of those 'I'm lucky I looked!' purchases! I have an instagram account, but I don't really use it(no smart phone). A few weeks ago however, I decided to have a scroll through my feed & I'm so glad I did! If it wasn't for my aimless online behaviour, I never would have been aware this even existed!

It's almost impossible to capture the 'orange' of this toy. Every one of my photos looks different & not a single one is accurate! But to be entirely honestly... I bought this for the packaging!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of this sculpt. This is actually my second Bukkake. The original Bukkake was GID, you can read about it on my other blog Stuff & Things. The A Clockwork Orange nature of this one however, obviously appealed to my Kubrick obsession!

This Cockwork Orange Bukkake was available from Softoy Hobby. There was only 10 available & they've sold out now. They were TRU:TEKs exclusive version of the sculpt. It was designed by electric monarchy & was sculpted by macsorro.

This little rubber-resin pile of cum also came with extra eye stickers & they threw in an awesome Jaws-ooze pin! I'm super happy about snagging this!

For good measure, I took a few photos with one of my mini The Rocking Machine toys. Not my greatest photography attempt, but it amused me.

You can find TRU:TEK on instagram or stop by Softoy Hobby.
You can also check out electric monarchy & macsorro on instagram too!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Clockwork Orange Customs - Bash Projects(Bas Petter)

The last edition & the biggest, in a rather large order from Bash Projects. This was a long-term purchase(for lack of a better phrase), but it's totally been worth the wait!
Amongst the many toys contained in this recent package, I present a Bash Projects customisation of the epic 'William & Henry' by Frank Kozik.

My first A Clockwork Orange additions of the year! Also my largest ACO customs to date! I knew they were big, but honestly, holding them in my hands makes me wonder where on earth I'm going to put these! Some serious reorganisation lays ahead of me!

I really love all the little details on these. The rhinos tiny hat, the blood splatter on it's horn, but it's the unique take on the eyelashes that really grips my attention on this piece!

I think this is my first custom with a little droog-minion, also my first custom with a mask! Honestly, one can't go wrong with an elephant & an elephant in a mask, that's just too darn cute! I also think his little shorts/cod-piece combo are ridiculously adorable!

It's nice to have such a sizeable addition to my collection. I'm looking forward to creating space to display these two(& the rest of this mammoth lot of toys!).

You can read about the other toys from this lot(& more about the lengthy process of acquiring them) on my other blog Stuff & Things

I'm unsure if Bas still makes custom toys, but if you're interested you can inquire with him on facebook.

Monday, January 9, 2017

End of 2016

I completely procrastinated getting this blog post written, but I just wanted to share my last few ACO acquisitions of 2016 before the new year gets too far along.

I recently shared two Mini Kubrey figures that I added to my collection. Literally a couple of days after making that blog post, another one arrived! This was a completely unexpected gift from a friend of mine & a VERY welcome addition to my collection! I had been eager to own this blank version, but it was a New York Comic Con exclusive & honestly never expected to hold it in my hands. Thankfully, my friends often prove me wrong!

I've also added the 'masked' Alex DeLarge Pop! Vinyl to my collection. I had a friend inform me a few stores on ebay were letting them go cheap, so I grab one. As per tradition when it comes to Funko toys, the quality is a little lacking. There's a small paint fault on it's nose that bothers the hell out of me.... I'm considering buying another. For now, I hope to stumble across the OG version the wild somewhere.

The last addition to my ACO horde last year, was a X-Mas gift from my Dad & his wife. I had yet to own a audio copy of ACO, so this was a unexpected & greatly appreciated gift! I haven't listened to it yet(working through other books I got for X-Mas currently), but I'm eager to delve into it!

It was a good year for new additions to my collection. Let's hope the new year brings more of the same!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Krayola - Ultraviolence Print

About a year ago, I stumbled across a artist on Facebook that seemed to regularly turn to A Clockwork Orange for inspiration in his work(amongst other cult classics & pop culture), along with a hefty dose of Disney thrown in!
Krayola does amazing work, basically been stalking his facebook group since I found his work. When I saw the Ultraviolence print, I knew I had to have it! I honestly wish I could have afforded more(he's constantly creating something new), but for now I've satisfied my needs!

After a bit of a wait(shipping troubles), my print has finally arrived! True I might be biased in regards to A Clockwork Orange, but I think the mash-up with Disney characters is genius.

As per usual, my photos lack quality. I've failed to emphasise how awesome this print is! Crisp colours & line work, with an obvious understanding of Disney style. Overall a damn impressive parody piece!
He also threw in this pretty epic mini print! Loving the colours, wish I could have captured it better!

I'll definitely be back to buy more from Krayola in the future!

You can check out more of Krayolas work on their website or their Facebook group